Enabling SPDY with Nginx

SPDY is this new, cool, fast protocol created by Google that “replaces” HTTP (the first draft of HTTP 2.0 is using SPDY as the working base). It is supported in all the major browsers – yes, even Internet Explorer – with the exception of Apple’s Safari.

Caching: Varnish or Nginx?

TL;DR: Varnish lacks support for SSL and SPDY. Nginx handles it just fine, and has very fast cache with either memcache or disk storage (ramdisk). Both can serve stale cache if your backend is down. But Nginx can not write to the memcache storage directly, it has to be done by the application. Also, Nginx …

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Using Jekyll without YAML front matter

OK, so I was ready to give Jekyll another shot today. But one thing I’m not that happy with, is the need for specifying the YAML front matter on every post. At this point, I’m not really using it for any practical matter. So I went looking for ways to achieve a couple of things.