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«Slap-on» speed optimization of your WordPress site

OK, so you might have been at a WordCamp listening to talks or reading a few blog posts and you get that you should really get your WordPress site speed optimized. Starting all over isn’t either tempting nor something you have the time for. Don’t despair, you’ll get a long way by installing 5 plugins.
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Publishing WordPress site from development to production server – or moving your WordPress installation from one host to another

WordPressYou have finished that WordPress site, and want to deploy it – move it from your test server to the production server where it goes live. But how? WordPress have a famous 5-minute-install, but there is no 5-minute-go-live-script*. I’ll show you how in these 5 easy-to-follow steps. Continue reading

Get your Ubuntu VPS up and running

UbuntuThese are the first steps you should perform on your shiny, brand new VPS to set out on a safe journey on the internets. You don’t actually have to understand each of the steps here, but this post is intented for people who have some clue of what they’re doing. If there is such a thing as a «VPSes for dummies», it should not be read. VPSes are not intended for dummies.

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Caching: Varnish or Nginx?

TL;DR: Varnish lacks support for SSL and SPDY. Nginx handles it just fine, and has very fast cache with either memcache or disk storage (ramdisk). Both can serve stale cache if your backend is down. But Nginx can not write to the memcache storage directly, it has to be done by the application. Also, Nginx can not purge the cache itself, without you compiling your own package.

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