Install and update translations in WordPress with Composer

Using Composer is a great way of organizing your WordPress project, with WordPress itself, plugins and themes declared as dependencies. However, an issue I’ve often seen is how you install translation files and keep them updated. Koodimoonni’s repository There is a very cool project by Koodimonni, who have created a Composer repository of some of …

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Gravity Forms personal data exporter and eraser

When WordPress 4.9.6 launched on May 17, 2018 it came with new tools for exporting and erasing personal data that you may have collected (you know, GDPR and all). But Gravity Forms as of version 2.3.2 doesn’t integrate with these tools. Fortunately, it is really easy to write your own exporters and erasers.

Cut 90% of your WordPress translations loading time

WordPress translations are compiled from human-readable PO-files into machine optimized MO-files, but still takes a lot of overhead to load. If you only could cache the translation load time, you would save a lot of page load time. We can easily cut 90% of our WordPress translations loading time.

Git Pre-commit Hook for WordPress projects

Wouldn’t it be cool if you, in your PHP project could define a package that makes sure that everybody who even tries to commit code is forced to follow the project’s defined coding standards? Yeah, me too. So I created this Composer plugin you can use in your projects.

Customize the WordPress maintenance mode page

Whenever you upgrade a plugin, theme or WordPress itself through the WordPress dashboard, WordPress will put itself in maintenance mode and all your visitors will see the maintenance mode notice “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”